After Kounde’s presentation, Laporta confirms another super news for Barcelona fans!


Jules Kounde arrived at Barcelona’s training ground on Monday morning to be officially unveiled as their latest signing. As expected to be the case when the media is involved, President Joan Laporta was equally in the spotlight.


In fact, the head of the Catalan club took it upon himself to deliver the big news. He had initially expressed confidence that Barcelona would be able to sign all of their new signings.

“We are doing everything they ask to register them. I suppose they won’t put any obstacles in our way. I hope La Liga does the same interpretation as us. If not, we will find a solution”, declared Laporta.
He was later asked if this belief was based on revenue from player sales or the activation of a third economic lever. Laporta confirmed that it was the latter.

“We have sold 25 percent of the television rights for Barcelona. And the sale of 100 million euros for 25 percent of Barca’s television rights to We are doing our homework to register the players.”

It seems that Barcelona, ​​with the activation of the third lever, will have no problems registering new transfers, but that the future of the club is already in danger.


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