Chaos in Barcelona: Kessy and Christensen can leave for free!


The eminent “ESPN” today launched a real “bombshell” and claims that Frank Kesi and Andreas Christensen can leave for free, even though they arrived only a month ago.


Namely, Kesi and Christensen arrived as free agents from Milan and Chelsea and signed 4-year contracts, but Barcelona still cannot register the new signings.

As is known, the club has major financial problems, especially with the salary budget, so it cannot register the new reinforcements in La Liga.

Kesey and Christensen have clauses in their contracts that release them to leave without compensation, if they are not registered by the first match of the season, that is, by Saturday, August 13.

Barcelona will have a meeting with their agents tomorrow and will try to avoid such a connection, because it is clear that they will not be able to be registered until Saturday and will not be in competition for the first match of the season.


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