If De Jong doesn’t come it’s a shame, if he goes to Chelsea it’s a tragedy!


The legend of Manchester United, Gary Neville, addressed the possible transfer of Frankie de Jong to this club.


The negotiations are taking too long, the Dutchman does not want to leave Barcelona, ​​but it seems that everything is being done out of spite because he needs to get additional money, agreed with the previous president. Laporta doesn’t want to pay it, so now the whole thing is on hold. Chelsea is also interested in De Jong, but nothing has come of it yet.

“If United doesn’t bring him, it’s a shame, but if he goes to Chelsea, it’s a tragedy. If he didn’t want to come, the negotiations would have stopped long ago. If he stays at Barcelona, ​​it will be a shame for United as the club have focused all their assets on De Jong to fill the void in midfield. “If he goes to a rival club, it’s a shame for United and for the manager who previously coached him at another club,” Neville said.

Barcelona is asking for 80 million euros for its player, Chelsea is reportedly ready to pay that much, but De Jong doesn’t want to hear about leaving, even at the price of having to miss the whole season.


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