Premier League with significant changes to VAR – now there will be no more controversy!


The Premier League is planning to make a major change to video assistant referee (VAR) in a bid to improve transparency for fans.


According to The Times, a plan is in place to publish conversations between referees and VAR officials during a game.

The main aim is to help fans understand the process of how VAR makes decisions and they hope it will help improve transparency for fans.
Richard Masters, the chief executive of the Premier League, said he had received strong support for the idea.

“There is a general view that (releasing the audio) is a good thing. There is a desire to be more open with the fans regarding the referees’ decision-making and how to do this is exactly what we need to work on,” he stated.

The concept has already been tested by MLS in the United States. A summary of the field discussions on the decisions is published in audio format on YouTube.
Former Premier League referee Howard Webb is the head of refereeing in MLS but is determined to return to English football’s elite as the new chief referee.

Webb can play a key role in making sure the new concept rollout runs as smoothly as possible.

VAR was first used on the big stage at the 2018 World Cup and was generally successful. However, since its introduction to the Premier League in 2019, it has been a constant magnet for controversy and criticism. Especially when it came to sleight of hand and strong offside decisions.


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