Ronaldo’s despair: He would return to Sporting, but they don’t want him there either


As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, Cristiano Ronaldo’s time has definitely passed and he will have to change something in his behavior before the end of his career.


A dozen top European clubs refused to bring the Portuguese into their ranks this summer, primarily because of the high salary and the imbalance it would create, and he is convinced that he should leave Manchester United, the only one he wants by his side. Now again on Ronaldo’s “menu” is his native Sporting Lisbon, but there are still problems.

The Portuguese club can’t afford to pay him £350,000 a week, Ronaldo will have to accept a drastic cut if he wants to play there, and the only reason he’d wear the Sporting shirt again is because he’s playing in La Liga of the champions.

It must be pointed out that even that is not certain because coach Ruben Amorim, like the others, is against the arrival of Ronaldo because it will disrupt the harmony in the team, and several players will have to be sold in order not to burden the budget.


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