The biggest reinforcement for PSG, they hired a psychologist because of Champions League!


In Paris Saint-Germain, they tried everything: they spent huge money on reinforcements, broke records, made a whole team of superstars and finally brought in Lionel Messi, according to many the best world football player of all time. But that didn’t work. The Champions League trophy continues to elude the Saints.


New season, new try. With new people. Christophe Gauthier sat on the coaching bench, while the new director is Luis Campos. And it was he who had the idea to bring the last missing link to achieve the goal – a psychologist!

In the dressing room of the Parisians in the next season, there will be a psychologist, who in his own way will try to keep the atmosphere in the dressing room under control. Between those four walls are many players with inflated vanities and it all needs to be kept in balance.

As “L’Equip” writes, another goal of the psychologist is to “erase” from the memory the previous failures of these players in the Champions League, so that the ghosts of the past do not bother them when they take the field again in the autumn in the elite competition .

Everything is subordinated to only one goal: to win the cup that has never been in Paris before.


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