“They took Ronaldo, Sancho and Martial and closed six”, Conte: Liverpool buys a player for 100 million!


Tottenham begin their journey into the new Premier League season on Saturday as Spurs host Southampton at home. Coach Antonio Conte spoke at the usual press conference where, among other things, he did not remain without commenting on the rivals and the competition in the Premier League, stressing that it is difficult to win the championship when Manchester City and Liverpool are in the game, who have the economic opportunity to spend 100 million to transfer a player.


Triumph in the championship? “Manchester United finished in sixth place last season, a season ago they finished second. In the market, they transferred Cristiano Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane with the aim of winning the Premier League, but the opposite turned out.

Now in the Premier League are Manchester City and Liverpool, which for me are the two “Top” clubs in the world, they have had the same coach for seven years and are already at a point where others find it very difficult to compete with them.

We have to prove though that we have to spend 100 million euros on six players, while they transfer one or two footballers with that much money. This is the difference and it allows them to be ahead and only follow them.

However, for me they are in a position where they deserve to be and they have coaches like Guardiola and Klopp who trust them with everything. Or even Tuchel, to transform into a big club requires stability and vision. The idea is clear, only step by step, the gap can be narrowed”, said Conte.


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