Davide Ancelotti: Much more than Carlos’ son at Real Madrid


The training sessions at Valdebebas were closed as if hiding the Coca-Cola formula, but Real Madrid’s open sessions at UCLA during their pre-season tour of the United States of America have revealed an interesting fact for the media and fans.


There has been much to see and hear – for example the involvement and influence of Davide Ancelotti, who is much more than Carlos’ son.

One of the first times this became clear was in December, six months after his return to Real Madrid and four months into the season. Suddenly, on the eve of the Santiago Bernabeu derby, Davide approached Karim Benzema.

Not that Benzema needed any instruction, but the assistant coach explained to him how Atletico Madrid’s defense can collapse and how deadly it would be for the Frenchman to play a few meters wide.
In the 12th minute, with the score 0-0, Vinicius Junior ran, raised his head, read the movement of the French striker and assisted Benzema’s goal.

Pre-season preparations are showing similar signs, as we are seeing a Davide in control and intense to the point of asking Carlos to pass the balls for a training session.

Everyone is satisfied because the relationship between the staff is almost perfect and natural, where other figures like goalkeeper coach Luis Llopis also have a say.


Who is Davide Ancelotti?

Davide first set foot in Ciudad Real Madrid in 2013 as an assistant fitness coach.

Real Madrid are happy with him, considering Ancelotti’s son as a tireless professional, used to spending 12 hours a day on the pitch.

Always following in the footsteps of his father, who as a footballer and coach has explored every aspect of football, Davide had previously made his way through Paris Saint-Germain’s youth academy.


Then, at Bayern Munich, he was promoted to Carlos’ right-hand man. This will be his position until his father retires, presumably after his second spell as Real Madrid coach.

He was put to good use at Napoli and Everton and became the second youngest manager in Premier League history.

With his brilliance, playing the good assistant, but also knowing how to set boundaries, he has won the hearts of the players in the dressing room and lost the label of ‘the boss’s son’.


Meanwhile, his ability to speak Italian, French, Spanish, German and English facilitates communication with players, the club and staff.

In April he had an odd day as he was unable to cover for Carlo, who tested positive for COVID-19, as Davide did not have a UEFA PRO licence.


As a player, Ancelotti’s son rose through the ranks of the AC Milan Primavera side and tried his luck on loan in Serie D.

Now a successful coach, in June he married Andalusian artist Ana Galocha, with whom he has two sons, Lucas and Leonardo.


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