Shocking twist – Everyone felt sorry for him when he divorced Wanda Nara, and he is the culprit and was ruthless!


Maxi Lopes was the only one to blame for the divorce with the attractive Wanda Nara, although a completely different impression was created in the public, so the Argentine seemed to be the victim in the love triangle with his former best friend Mauro Icardi, journalist Luis Ventura reveals.


Ventura reported that Lopez frequently dated other women during his five-year marriage to the attractive beauty, and was even ruthless and organized orgies while Wanda was present in their home.

“He shamelessly brought other women into the family home. He knew Wanda was here and yet he was doing it on purpose. “Maxi is solely to blame for the breakdown of their marriage,” Ventura reported.

That, according to Ventura, lasted until the moment when the beauty could no longer bear Lopes’ outbursts, so she destroyed several of his cars with a baseball bat.

Then Nara decided to leave in the arms of Mauro Icardi, who was Maxi Lopez’s best friend, and since then the two Argentine footballers have not spoken to each other.

Wanda Nara has now announced that she will divorce Icardi as well, after the couple who have two children have been constantly fighting lately.

Icardi’s attractive wife also has three children with Maxi Lopes.


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