Steven Gerrard’s surreal fines, £100 for bathing without slippers… and more!


Steven Gerrard is undoubtedly one of the best British midfielders in history. In his coaching career, which started a few years ago, the rules are the most important thing. At Aston Villa, he has established strict and almost surreal rules, which all players must respect, otherwise they must shake their pockets.


Arriving late to training after Gerrard has blown the whistle for the start of the day’s session costs a hefty £500 fine.

This penalty is quite common in football teams, but in Gerrard’s list of penalties there are other very strange ones. Perhaps the most surprising sanction is the one which states that if a player forgets to bring a cake on his birthday, he must pay £50 for every day that passes. It is clearly understood that the coach pays special attention to close relationships in the group.

Another sanction, which may seem surprising, but which has a certain logic, is that of entering the shower barefoot. Aston Villa players must wear slippers and breaking this rule means you will be fined £100.

Gerrard’s list is endless and some disciplinary infractions cost players quite a bit of money. Arriving late to training camp or a meeting means paying £200… per minute. If this delay occurs on a match day, the amount will be £1,000 (€1,188).


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