(Video)Animal attack on the referee, a football player hits her very hard in the skull: she falls to the ground


From Argentina come the scenes of animal violence that saw as a victim a soccer referee, treacherously hit from behind by a fist so wild as to be cowardly towards her by a soccer player. An inexplicable episode, which occurred on Sunday in a match played in the province of Buenos Aires, valid for a regional tournament.
In the match between Deportivo Independencia and Garmense, referee Dalma Magali Cortadi sent off Garmense player Cristian Tirone for protesting after he was called for a foul.
The 30-year-old referee later warned a team-mate of Tyrone’s, who had also protested, but in the same moments – away from her – the sent-off player lost his head, barely held by his teammates as he tried to reach him to the referee, with the intention that his face red and blinded by anger became visible: to physically attack him.
In the end, Tirone managed to break free and came up behind Cortadi, giving him a terrible punch to the skull from top to bottom, hitting him in the back as well! The woman fell to the ground, immediately got up, but was shocked and shocked, but lost consciousness.
Meanwhile, the two linesmen – a man and a woman – tried to remove the striker, whose abduction is all the more inexplicable given that his team was winning 2-1 at the time and the referee had simply blown his whistle. -foul in the field.
The match was immediately stopped and the 34-year-old Tirone was detained on the field by the police, despite resisting violently. The footballer was then detained at the local police station on Sunday night.



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