(Video)Everyone is training, and one is sitting on the ball with eyes full of tears: Ancelotti publicly humiliated the Real player!


Carlo Ancelotti is the favorite coach of many players, but it is also evident that the Italian has limits when it comes to individual players.


Ancelotti has a specific way of communicating with players, probably because he was once a great footballer himself and knows what it’s like to play at the top level.
Wherever he worked, the famous Italian would find a way to adapt to the dressing room and the players would accept his methods without any problem.

The dressing room of Real, the most glamorous club, is certainly one of the most difficult to control, primarily because of the large number of stars and great players who all want to play, and there is only room for 11.
The end of the last season showed that Ancelotti has excellent relations with the “legionaries” of Kraljevo and with the younger players.

This was confirmed by the now legendary photo when the 63-year-old with a Cuban in his mouth posed with the Real players at the title celebration at the end of last season.
However, Ancelotti knows how to be strict and show authority, which happened in Real’s training ahead of the European Super Cup match.

Namely, dissatisfied with the game and body language, Ancelotti ordered Dani Ceballos to leave training and removed him from the team.

While everyone is training, Ceballos sat on the ball and watched what his teammates were doing, without saying a word.


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