Enough buying, the sale begins: Barca sells seven players and expects 120 million!


Barcelona has done the most important part for the new season, bought five footballers, but cannot register them until they unload the salary budget, that is, they do not expel or sell any of the footballers.


The Spanish media claim that this will be the next goal and seven players will be sold as soon as possible so that the new players can be registered. There are too many Samuel Umtiti, Martin Braithwaite, Ricky Pudge and Neto, and Oscar Mingesa is a member of Celta since last night. In addition to them, Frankie de Jong and Memphis Depay should be sold, from which around 100 million euros are expected (a total of 120 together with the previously mentioned five).

The problem is that the Dutch don’t want to leave, let alone take a pay cut. Their fate is also connected with the selection of numbers for the new season. Lewandowski expects the “nine” that now belongs to Depay, and his promotion is scheduled for August 5, which means that this problem must be solved by then. Ferran Torres is also waiting, who in the new season wants to play with number 21, which is now owned by De Jong.


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