It is easiest to play against Manchester, nothing will be better even with De Jong!


A new one was expected, and Manchester United looks like the old one. Not only has he not moved forward, he has not moved, but he is going backwards.


The Devils stumbled at the first step, being stopped by Brighton at Old Trafford, causing disappointment for fans who had hoped during an encouraging build-up period and some moves made during the transfer window that the team could at least look decent.

Erik ten Haag also arrived, although judging by the initial impression, it definitely does not depend on the coach. But to the management.

“They knew six, eight, maybe 12 months ago that they would have to invest in reinforcements in the summer. It was clear that Juan Mata, Nemanja Matic, Edinson Cavani are leaving, that they no longer count on Mason Greenwood, that they have a problem with Antonio Martial and that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave. All of that was known and that’s why I’m worried about the way United have reacted to the market. As soon as he relies on players from the Dutch league, it means that the coach does not really trust the department in charge of bringing in reinforcements. He brought in those he knows, although Manchester could have signed footballers from other regions, it just turns out that they don’t really have a high percentage of transfer goals lately. That’s why it upsets me to know that the coach was not given an adequate tool to implement his ideas,” says Gary Neville under his breath.

The former defender has been a regular commentator on events at Old Trafford, an on-call critic in recent years. He also wishes he could say something encouraging, but frankly he has nothing to praise.

“There is an opinion that the transfer window will be good if Frankie de Jong is brought in. Here, it won’t be. Manchester needs more from De Jong. He may not come in the end, although I hope United bring him in, because he is important to the concept of Ten Haag. There will be a bit of panic in the club until that thing is done, primarily because of the pressure from the fans and the media.”

The game is a disaster. It is not known what the individuals are for, much less how some are still in the jersey of the famous club.

“In the Premier League, it is easiest to play against Manchester United. It opens up too much. Anyone who watched this team last season knew that there would be problems at the start of the new season, that the situation was unacceptable. Ten Hague needs more reinforcements, but also time, at least three to four weeks, to get to know the team better. “Each coach thinks he knows more than the previous one, from the same players at his disposal, however the meeting with Brighton showed Ten Haag what these boys are capable of.”

According to Neville, one of the more visible problems of the Red Devils is confidence. Specifically, the inability to handle pressure.

“They played well during the corona. When there were no fans in the stands. Once the crowd returned, the team looked different. That’s why nobody watching United this past year expected anything other than what we saw on Sunday afternoon. “Ten Haag did see signs of progress during the preparations, but this is the reality,” Neville said.


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