Chelsea lost 165 million on three players!


Football club RB Leipzig has brought back German striker Tim Werner who was bought from Chelsea for £25,000,000.


Much more was expected from Werner, things seemed to be getting better, but in the end, Timo Werner ended his two-year stay at Chelsea and will return to where he was most comfortable and where he shook the nets in series.

Leipzig was persistent and succeeded. Timo Werner is also back for £25,000,000, £20,000,000 less than what they earned from the Germany international when they sold him to London in 2020!

Although he was rumored to be on loan, a multi-year deal has been agreed and Werner will look to revive his career in familiar surroundings.

Thus, this summer, Chelsea was left without another striker for whom they paid a serious sum. They paid £97,000,000 for Romelu Lukaku and he hasn’t recouped even a fraction of the investment, which can’t be said for Werner, who played a solid role, especially in 2021 when the Champions League was won. However, it was far from paying off and everyone was happy during his time at Stamford Bridge.

If you add to the list Hakim Ziyech, who could leave for a measly 8,000,000 and arrived for 33,000,000 in the same summer as Timo Werner, we arrive at a figure of £165,000,000 wasted in the last two summers. and Chelsea is nowhere near a solution to the attack.


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