Pique’s two non-negotiable conditions!


At the beginning of last June, one of the sensational news of the summer was: “Shakira allegedly caught Gerard Piqué cheating with his new girlfriend”. Since then dozens of rumors circulated, until a few days later the couple confirmed the separation. Now the singer is trying to convince the Barça player that their children should move with him to Miami, a proposal that the center back has not yet accepted.


After breaking up with Pique, Shakira has nothing to do with the city. However, the latest information suggests that, in reality, her determination to cross the Ocean is related to the increased harassment of the press, especially after the news of the alleged tax fraud.

Pique, being an active footballer, would not be able to regularly travel to Miami to visit his children, so he prefers to have Sasha (age 7) and Milan (age 9) in Barcelona. On the other hand, Shakira considers that she needs to move on and take back control of her life, with the little ones by her side.

Two non-negotiable requirements

Pique has thought about the good of his children, giving Shakira two non-negotiable conditions. On the one hand, Pique has asked the singer to give him five first-class plane tickets a year to visit his children. On the other hand, he wanted his ex-partner to pay off an unpaid debt, which is supposed to amount to $400,000.


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