The Real midfielder, against VAR: I would eliminate him immediately!


In football, as in life, you have to get used to everything. Situations that seemed unimaginable 10 years ago are now an integral part of the game, such as, for example, the presence of VAR. Technological assistance for referees has become an inseparable part of high-level matches, but there are those who can’t stand it at all, like Eden Hazard, for example. The Belgian from Real Madrid has given an interview where he explains that he does not like the way that modern football has taken. When asked what he would change if he could, Hazard replied:


“The thing I don’t like is VAR, I would remove it completely. The fact that referees can make mistakes is part of the game, but since people always complain, then they created VAR.”

As Hazard explains, there is an issue that is often highlighted: the fact that even now players cannot be sure that they have scored unless the action is checked first.

“After a goal, we’re all there, waiting, and it’s like the happiness of scoring a goal has been taken away from us. You always think: “oh wait, it’s also VAR”, so I would remove it completely”.

A very unique and interesting opinion, but one that, in any case, is not going to change things. VAR is there and it will stay, whether Hazard likes it or not


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