The star of Borussia who is suffering from cancer could hardly hold back the tears even though he said that he is fine (VIDEO)


Sebastian Ale has been fighting testicular cancer for several months. The striker of Borussia Dortmund, who came from the ranks of Ajax for 35 million euros, made his first appearance in public after the disclosure of this news.


He appeared at the award ceremony for the best striker in the Dutch league for last season, where he scored 21 goals for Ajax.

But in addition to receiving the award, he also gave an emotional speech, where he could hardly hold back his tears.

“I felt good when I arrived at Borussia, but then I had pain in the lower part of my stomach. We did a few tests and the doctors knew right away what it was. I was lucky because everything was discovered really early.

I have support from all sides, I have a wonderful wife and I feel good,” Ale said at the award ceremony.


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