(Video)Terrible attack on the referee in Argentina, the football player is arrested by the police after knocking her out


A terrible event has occurred in the Regional League of Tres Arroyos in Argentina.


The match between Deportivo Independencia and Deportivo Garmense was underway when the referee awarded a free kick which the local footballers did not agree with.

Cristian Tirone lost control as he hit her hard, knocking out referee Dalma Cortadi.

The soccer player in question ran a few meters to hit the referee, then he left the field by his teammates.

Although referee Cortadi was not seriously injured, the match was immediately suspended and the footballer was arrested for the offense of minor injury.

The match was suspended and it was decided to be played in the following days, until the footballer in question could be sent to prison for the violence against the main referee of the match.


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