Whoever doesn’t like it, let him leave”, the director of PSG takes the extreme decision for the footballers!


The director of PSG, Luis Campos, as well as the coach of the capitals, Christophe Galtier, are acting with an “iron fist” in the Parisian team as they seek to tighten the stars of the team to think only about the blue field and not be distracted by external factors.


Thus, Campos has thought of banning PSG players from visiting nightclubs as he has reached the point where he has also sent scouts to these areas of Paris to check if his rule is being implemented. Campos has even made it clear that the footballer who does not like this rule is free to leave the team.

So, in the list of strict rules established by the director and coach Galtier, there are also those in which it is known that phones are not allowed during the consumption of breakfast and lunch or even the obligation to appear on time in training because if the players do not have a reasonable excuse will then be sent back home. It seems that this season, at PSG, there is more seriousness than the environment around the team with the managers who seek at all costs to reach the European trophy, the Champions League.


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