The Borussia Dortmund football player abused his pregnant wife like a monster: He did terrible things…!


The ex-girlfriend of Borussia Dortmund player Nick Schultz has accused him of abusing her while she was pregnant, German media reports.
The woman presented a lot of evidence and it is possible that the Borussia player will hear at least seven charges from the prosecution.


Schultz in himself is a problem for Borussia. The transfer turned out to be unsuccessful, and since he earns a lot of money, he does not want to leave the club. The coach of the millionaires, Edin Terzic, threatened him that if he did not find a new club, he would spend the rest of the season in the stands.

But that’s the least of Schultz’s concerns now, and he has much bigger problems. According to Bild, he is being prosecuted in the German prosecutor’s office for abusing his ex-partner while she was in labor.
The German newspaper adds that the description of the event and the accusations made by the lawyer of the mentioned woman has as many as 76 pages.

It also contains numerous online instant messages and emails in which Schultz admits to using violence and tries to apologize for it. The matter is very serious because, as already mentioned, his partner was pregnant at the time, and Schultz’s behavior endangered their child. About two weeks before their daughter was born, Schultz allegedly “punched his partner in the stomach, then threw her to the ground and continued to punch her.” When his partner wrote to him about stomach pains, Schultz replied, “I’m sorry.”
Other acts of violence were described in the charges, including hitting the woman’s head against a mirror or choking her. Schultz has responded to many news reports by trying to apologize to his ex-girlfriend, including his sad-faced pictures, but was sometimes aggressive in them.

Schultz also tried to pressure his ex-partner to remove the incriminating messages. This is another charge against the player, and the prosecution will also look into whether his actions could have attempted or resulted in a miscarriage.

“Last week, we searched the accused’s house and seized evidence. The procedure is ongoing,” said the prosecutor’s spokesman Henner Kruse in an interview with “Bild”.

The 29-year-old was last on the bench in the last round of the previous season. Since then, he has not played in either friendly or official matches, and now it is already clear that his career at Borussia is over.

He joined Dortmund from Hoffenheim in 2019 and has also played for Borussia M’gladbach and Hertha. He made 12 appearances for the German national team and scored two goals


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