The captain defends CR7: I know what the media attack means!


The captain’s armband in a team is an important symbol, as it represents the leader. When Manchester United took Harry Maguire from Leicester, they not only paid him 90 million euros, but also invested in his authority, handing him the armband. A gesture that was not appreciated by everyone, given that there were people in the squad, De Gea above all, with more experience than the defender.


Then came Ronaldo, and last season, many suggested it was the Portuguese who deserved the leader’s role and the armband, but now things have changed. Maguire is in the plans of Ten Haag, while the Portuguese wants to leave. Maguire himself, meanwhile, when asked for an opinion about Ronaldo, intervened in defense like a true captain.

“Cristiano is a great footballer and also a great person in the dressing room. I know full well what it means to be surrounded by media speculation, but he suffers even more than I do. Everything he does is put under the microscope of the media”.

It is difficult not to give justice to the defender who does not seem at all affected by the controversy about his role as captain, on the contrary, he understands well that constant criticism does not help, not even someone like Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it should be taken into account that both know that when you wear the Man United jersey you are in the center of media attention, as demonstrated recently by the classification of Premier League players who had received more insults on social networks, a classification that dominated by Manchester United players.


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