Wanda Icardi called: I can’t do it anymore, I’m getting a divorce!


The controversial “housewife” of Mauro Icardi, Wanda, can no longer stand in her marriage with the footballer and is preparing for a divorce, at least that’s what it seems after the video that appeared on social networks.


For a year, their marriage has been on “glass legs” since Wanda caught Mauro Icardo in adultery, but it seems that now it really is over. She sent a message to Carmen, a certain woman who had left her at her estate in Italy and she sounded fine.

“Carmen, I came to Argentina to finalize the divorce with Mauro. I will stay for a few days and then I will come back to bring you a ticket and everything you need. I’m getting ready for a divorce because I can’t take it anymore,” Wanda can be heard addressing the woman.

It all happened last night, and Wanda already deleted Icardi’s last name from Instagram and put the old one – Nara.


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