Will Barcelona be able to register new players? Here is what the expert says


Barcelona have made several high-profile signings this summer, but as was the case last year, questions have been raised as to whether they will be able to register their new stars. Last season several players had to agree to reduce their salaries in order to ensure that Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero could be registered.


Once again Barcelona appear to be in a tricky situation. The club have openly spoke about needing to move on several players and according to Marca, they are still not in a position to register their new signings.

However that information has been contradicted by Ivan Cabeza. An economist and Professor of Business at Universidad de Barcelona, Cabeza recently commented on the matter to EFE, in an interview carried by Sport.

“Thanks to the [economic] levers, Barca already have the capacity now to register all of the signings they have signed. And, if not, they are very close to being able to do so.”

The suggestion has very much been that Barcelona are mortgaging their future in order to achieve immediate success. Cabeza was of the opinion that simply returning to the elite level should be enough to make the gamble worth it.

“In order for it to go well it is not so important to win titles as to compete to the end of them, growing the brand. You should then return to where you were. That way you will always generate lots of income (sponsorship, ticket sales, amongst others), that will allow you to revert the situation, bringing in what you will no longer bring in through the sale of assets.”

The reality is that only the hierarchy at Barcelona and La Liga will have the numbers to hand. If Barcelona are intent on moving players on, it may help them to have a narrative of desperation on their side. Equally, it may be that come the end of August, Joan Laporta is forced to negotiate some hurried deals in order to make the situation viable.


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